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Myanmar is located in South East Asia. Naypyidaw is the administrative capital , situated in the central part of Myanmar. Yangon is the commercial city with over 5 million population.



Although Myanmar is located in the monsoon region of Asia, its climate is greatly modified by its geographic position. Myanmar has tropical climate with three distinct seasons. The rainy season is during the southwest monsoon from mid May to late October. The dry cool season is during the northeast monsoon from late October to mid February and it is the best season to visit Myanmar. The hot season is from mid February and it is the season to visit Myanmar. The hot season is from mid February to mid May.


Natural Resources

Myanmar has rich natural resources such as oil & gas, minerals, forests and abundant vacant land in nature for agricultural cultivations.


Myanmar New Year Festival or Myanmar Water Festival Fallson 13th of April to 16th of April.It is important vacation and all the Government and Private Companies' offices are closed from 12th April to 21st April for Summer Holidays. Annually, all of the offices will be reopened on 22nd April to do the regular works.

Vacancy Announcement

Central Cooperative Society (CCS) is the national apex organization of cooperatives in Myanmar with the vision to fulfill the economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations of our cooperative societies, and strive towards sustainable development, in accordance with cooperative values and principles. CCS is partnering with We Effect (former Swedish Cooperative Centre) to implement the project “Strengthening of rural cooperatives in Myanmar” in Ayerwaddy district with a project office based in Maubin. The detail information is as follows:
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Introduction to CCS

Background :

Central Co-operative Society was restructured in accordance with the Union of Myanmar Co-operative Society Law 1992. It is a non-governmental organization ...

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